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About 40% of women have sexual health problems or concerns today. In most cases, sexual health issues are very treatable, but you first need a diagnosis to get to the solution. At Fort Worth Obstetrics & Gynecology in Fort Worth, Texas, the team of OB/GYN specialists treats women’s sexual health issues with compassion and kindness. Call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Sexual Health Q & A

What are the most common sexual health problems?

Sexual health issues are common among both men and women today. Some of the most common problems among women include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Lowered libido
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Unusual vaginal discharge
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Vaginal burning
  • Vaginal itching

Many of these issues begin with hormone changes during pregnancy, the postpartum period, or menopause. Sexually transmitted infections are another common reason for sudden sexual health problems. 

When should I talk to my doctor about sexual health issues?

If you've noticed negative changes in your sexual wellness, it's time to call Fort Worth Obstetrics & Gynecology. Even seemingly minor issues, like occasional vaginal dryness, can grow severe and disruptive if you don't seek help.  

Many women feel embarrassed to talk to a doctor about sexual health issues, but there's none better suited to help. 

The OB/GYN team has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunction and sexual health problems of all types; they treat you with compassion and warmth, and they keep your information private. 

How are sexual health problems treated?

At Fort Worth Obstetrics & Gynecology, the caring professionals treat sexual health problems on a case-by-case basis. They take your symptoms, your general health, your current health challenges, and other individual factors into account as they create a treatment plan that works. 

In many cases, hormone imbalance is the root of sexual health problems in women. Fortunately, that's a very treatable problem. Most sexual health issues are very treatable, but you need to see specialists for diagnosis to determine the right solution.

Hormone replacement therapy, like pills, implanted pellets, patches, topical gels, or other forms, can rebalance your hormones. In addition to treating sexual health issues, hormone replacement therapy can help with other common symptoms in menopause, such as mood swings and hot flashes.

Antibiotics can effectively treat most sexually transmitted infections (STIs), so there's no need to delay treatment. Even STIs with no cure, like HIV, are very manageable if you take medication to prevent its progression. 

Don't let sexual health problems interfere with your happiness, relationship, or whole-body wellness. The Fort Worth Obstetrics & Gynecology team is ready to diagnose and treat your sexual wellness issues using effective proven methods. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.